Every Click Counts

Every minute, Google receives 3.8 million searches from across the globe. People are searching for services, products, information and everything in-between. These clicks often translate to money for businesses. But with close to 2 billion websites and billions of social media users, getting noticed is an uphill task.  It takes a strategic Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan to stand out. But the good news is that….”for every coin you spend on SEM you get two”.

Full Service Search Engine Marketing

Don’t stress yourself with all the digital marketing jargon and endless content creation. Get cutting edge Search Engine Marketing Solutions for your business. From SEO content to Display Advertising and Digital Media Planning & Buying for Pay Per Click(PPC). It’s all on one menu. Get a free quote.


What your Brand’s Story?

People don’t just buy things they like…they buy from people they like. That’s why your customers will Google you before they make a purchase decision. In today’s digital world your story will be told through your digital platforms. Curate a consistent, likeable narrative through Content Marketing….of course with professional help from Alys Creatives


Get Results

Your previous Digital Marketing Campaign, didn’t pay off? Likes, comments, hashtags and social media clicks don’t always translate to sales. What could have gone wrong? The Alys Creatives’ process of service delivery is tailor made to suit individual business situations. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or an entrepreneur disappointed by previous campaigns,  you can always start with consultation. 




Digital Marketing Consultancy

Before diving into the ever expanding digital landscape, consult first. Should you be on that social media platform? What marketing strategies will work for your type of business? Should you hire a social media manager? All these questions are valid. Let’s start with a simple meeting over a cup of coffee. Request a free quote

Web Content Writing

Get content for your Company Website, Landing Page, Blog and Newsletter written professionally. Creating content and writing copy is what we live for and we have a team to die for; from journalists, to linguists and wordsmiths simply driven by passion. We add that extra spice to content. All content is Search Engine Optimized.  

Content Marketing

Tired of cliche, everyday advertising? Content Marketing is a great alternative. Alys creatives will help identify the right content marketing tools, come up with a strategy that works and team up with relevant partners to generate and disseminate the content. Whether you want to use video, audio or text-based content, to market your brand, feel free to reach out. Read more on content marketing.  


Top Digital Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

Video Video marketing is spreading fast like a bushfire in dry windy terrain, in terms of popularity. Internet users want more and more videos about anything and everything. Businesses are producing how-to videos, product promos, video sales letters, background header videos and educative video content. It all started with GIFs and now people are going crazy over motion content. Video marketing is on its way to dominating digital marketing as […]

How to budget for your digital marketing campaigns

It’s a new year and you need to budget for your digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, you feel as though there isn’t enough to budget for. Guess what… Everyone feels that way. Every marketing manager or business owner feels as if they’re working with limited funds. Budgeting is one of the most prominent yet overlooked tasks in digital marketing. It’s not just about the large sum of money you have to […]

6 simple content marketing tools that work

When we talk about content marketing, we think about big brands like Coca-Cola. This is probably because content marketing is perceived as an expensive way of marketing, which takes time to yield fruits. But we are not in the 80s. It’s the 21st century and we have internet. Content marketing has become easier than ever and consumers are responding to content by corporates more than ever. Fortunately, there are many […]


Alys Creatives epitomizes creativity, timeliness, authenticity and professionalism. They have the best writers in Kenya. Thank you for the great content

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