6 simple content marketing tools that work

When we talk about content marketing, we think about big brands like Coca-Cola. This is probably because content marketing is perceived as an expensive way of marketing, which takes time to yield fruits. But we are not in the 80s. It’s the 21st century and we have internet. Content marketing has become easier than ever and consumers are responding to content by corporates more than ever. Fortunately, there are many ways to kill the cat when it comes to content marketing. Depending on your preferences and financial muscle, you may consider any of these tools.


Don’t know how to fix a leaking kitchen sink, go to YouTube. Looking for reviews on that new phone, find them on YouTube. YouTube is technically a school and you can be a teacher there. Videos are believed to be an important part of our daily lives and their popularity is never-ending. From makeup tutorials to product reviews to funny clips and educational videos, everything you need to know is on YouTube.

They are a great way to connect with your customers on a personal level as they can see the person behind your brand. They are also great at convincing customers to make purchases since most customers need a little push in order to make that critical final decision. For instance, if you venture into video product reviews, you can use this opportunity to not only teach your customers how to use your products but to also inform them why they need to buy what you’re selling.

As a business, establishing your presence on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video search engine is an excellent way to kick start your content marketing journey. Statistics show that billions of videos are watched every single day in the world. To understand more on the popularity of video as a marketing tool, we prepared this article for you. There is a high demand for video content. People are thirsty for knowledge and they are willing to view your informational or educative videos as long as they’re of good quality. Therefore start by brainstorming and identify a niche and target audiences. Then establish what they want to watch and learn. Look at what competitors are doing and put together your production team. To produce a simple YouTube video, you need a videographer, a video editor (this can be done by the videographer), a good location or set and a script. You can use your office as a shooting location as long as it is organized and well lit. You may come up with the content/script or hire someone to write a script for you, as long as you do not read directly. Note that online videos are very short and therefore every minute counts. Make sure you capture every important point as briefly as possible.

Follow this link to learn more about how to produce a great YouTube video.


Blogging has proven to be one of the most effective content marketing tools in the digital world. Statistics show that blog posts have the capacity to increase a website’s traffic 2000 times more than other tools. In addition, blog posts increase a website’s organic traffic, which is much needed in any E-commerce set up.

Most website designs come with a blog page but many business owners choose to ignore this page and instead focus on other forms of direct marketing. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Would you enjoy being asked to buy things all the time? Sometimes site visitors want to enjoy an informative blog post before making a decision on what to buy. Other times, site visitors are simply looking for information. If you can engage and connect with them through a blog, you can rest assured they will always come back.

Blogging can boost your business in a number of ways but the most outstanding reward is leveraging your brand as a thought leader. When you offer insights to your site visitors, they begin to see you as an expert in the industry and with time, they begin to trust your brand. Blog posts also increase your chances of dominating the first page of Google searches. This, in return, helps you beat your competitors.

To conquer the world of blogging, all you need is high quality content and consistency. You can start by placing your order for an article, for as little as Kshs. 1500. Or reach out to us for consultations if your prefer an elaborate content marketing plan.


You don’t subscribe to the idea of blogging, but you still have the knowledge to share? You still have options. Writing a book is not as complicated as it used to be. Gone are the days when you would work with a large team availed to you by a publisher, who would then slash a big chunk of your earnings in the name of commission. Books have become simpler and easier to write.

Think about a juicy title like “How to become a CEO in one week” or “Get your teenage body back in five weeks with these simple exercises”.

An EBook is an excellent way to market yourself while earning passive income in the long run. When you write an EBook, your status as a business owner or an expert in your field is elevated. You also live a lasting footprint in the industry given that books never expire.

So how do you start? There are many ways to approach the EBook writing process. Your book can consist of various articles stringed together in form of chapters or it can be a traditional book published in an online platform. If you go for the former approach, start working on the articles as early as now and when you’re ready, use popular plugins like… to convert your works into an EBook. If you choose the second option, start brainstorming on which topics to tackle and the target audience you intend to target. You could also engage experts like Alys Creatives and make the writing process easier. If you’re still not convinced to write an EBook check out the 3rd top selling EBook on Amazon 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Online courses

We are living in the age of information and people are thirsty. People are willing to learn new skills but they lack the time and money to attend classes in a physical location. In today’s competitive market, industries are looking for knowledgeable and multi-talented candidates. As an expert in your field, you are more than qualified to offer lessons, either for free or at a fee. Experience in any field surpasses formal education offered in a classroom. If you’ve been a marketer for 10 years, you are officially an expert in your fields. You, therefore, understand the nuts and bolts that cannot be taught by a college lecturer. With such experience, you can create a series of online courses and distribute them to willing students.

An online course forms part of content marketing because it offers a number of benefits. First, an online course will give you publicity, which is a key ingredient in marketing. Second, you’ll establish your brand as a leader in the market, thus helping you stand out among your competitors. Third, an online course will give you access to employees who understand what you stand for.

Email newsletters

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing tools, yet its relentless effectiveness and dominance continue to surprise marketing experts. Studies show that email is the third most reliable source of recommendations for B2B consumers. Today, more than half of the world’s population has an email address. This is mainly because an email address has become an important part of everyone’s lives. It is more like a phone number, but it is used in formal and less personal setups. Most schools, employers and business partners require people to have email addresses. In fact, most people will admit to opening their email apps, first thing when they wake up and before they retire to bed. These facts make email marketing a suitable digital marketing tool.

Let’s not digress from the main tool of discussion though; email newsletters. Many of us have subscribed to one or two newsletters and every month you receive numerous articles from the publishers. Out of 10 or 20 articles, you surely must read one or two. Similarly, if you send five or more articles to your subscribers, they will definitely be interested in reading. One of the main goals of using an email newsletter system is to get people to visit your site. Once a subscriber is at the site, they will automatically roam around, moving from one page to another. They will find more interesting articles and probably share some of your content. Besides increasing site traffic, email newsletters are effective in reminding your customers that you still exist, thus maintaining your relevance in the industry. If you own a website and would like to start Newsletter system, consider using automated emailing plugins like… But first, let Alys Creatives write the articles for you.


Podcasts have revolutionized production and consumption of content. They are considered as a bridge between digital and traditional media. They’re more like radio shows, but you can listen to them at your own convenience because they are downloadable and portable. In the African market, podcasts are not very common. They’re rare, but in the western world, famous podcasters boast millions of subscribers and listeners. How stuff works is one of the most downloaded podcasts and the hosts talk about random things in society.

There’s something thrilling about podcasts. Listening to someone having a conversation with you, while you’re working out, cooking or just relaxing, is quite something. Comedians seem to have hit a jackpot with this medium and they’re making a kill. Maybe because, we all love a good laugh, but this doesn’t mean business owners are locked out of podcasting.

As part of your content marketing strategy, you can easily start a podcast series by creating and producing content that aligns to your area of expertise. There are thousands of topics to talk about. You may take a narrative approach and talk about your chronicles as a business owner, CEO, shoe-seller, designer or writer. You could also take an educational approach and produce informative content with topics such as 5 ways to sell a shoe in less than 10 minutes, or how to paddle through legal issues when starting a company. In a nutshell, all you need to do is identify a niche, define your audiences and establish their content needs.

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