Bold colours, focused lighting main trends this year

Like fashion, the interior décor and design world has trends that keep coming and going.

So let’s revisit 2017 and establish which trends to expect, which ones to continue with, and which ones to let go.

Mr Risley Nelson Kavu, an interior designer and the CEO of Castle and Gardens, predicts an exciting and luxurious 2018 for interior design lovers.

With more people becoming more adventurous and receptive to new ideas, here are some pointers:

Trends to expect

Lighting: Traditionally, a fluorescent or incandescent bulb at the centre of a room was good enough for lighting. However, 2018 will be all about strategically placed focused lighting in both commercial and residential spaces, thanks to increased demand.

Mr Kavu says that in addition to providing lighting, bulbs can be used to illuminate pieces of art or family portraits, create moods in specific areas, accent a wall and also be ornamental. He also predicts a shift towards sophisticated lighting techniques.

More colour: Last year saw an increase in bold and colourful furnishings and accessories. Colourful throw pillows, curtains and furniture were highly visible while traditional neutral colours like brown, which have always dominated the interior décor world, took a back seat. Mr Kavu predicts that 2018 will be more colourful.

One area that has been deprived of colour at home is the walls which, Mr Kavu predicts, will have more colour. People are beginning to appreciate bold colours in their spaces. “Clients have become more interested in colour effects, especially on their walls, and this trend is likely to dominate in 2018,” Mr Kavu says.

For instance, accent walls, which are a different shade or colour from the other walls, have become quite trendy. They are often used to provide a backdrop for the entertainment centre. Furniture pieces and accessories are also expected to add more colour into spaces, including in the normally neutral boardrooms.

Minimalist: Like the name suggests, a minimalistic theme entails having minimal furniture and accessories. Mr Kavu says the approach has been around for a while now. This saw the exit of large wall units, which were replaced by TV stands and TVs being mounted on walls.

He adds that this approach is likely to increase in 2018, with individuals beginning to appreciate decluttered spaces. As a result, certain elements that were considered decorative accessories in the previous year are bound to become obsolete.

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