Top Digital Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

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Video Video marketing is spreading fast like a bushfire in dry windy terrain, in terms of popularity. Internet users want more and more videos about anything and everything. Businesses are producing how-to videos, product promos, video sales letters, background header videos and educative video content. It all started with GIFs and now people are going crazy over motion content. Video marketing is on its way to dominating digital marketing as […]

How to budget for your digital marketing campaigns

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It’s a new year and you need to budget for your digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, you feel as though there isn’t enough to budget for. Guess what… Everyone feels that way. Every marketing manager or business owner feels as if they’re working with limited funds. Budgeting is one of the most prominent yet overlooked tasks in digital marketing. It’s not just about the large sum of money you have to […]

6 simple content marketing tools that work

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When we talk about content marketing, we think about big brands like Coca-Cola. This is probably because content marketing is perceived as an expensive way of marketing, which takes time to yield fruits. But we are not in the 80s. It’s the 21st century and we have internet. Content marketing has become easier than ever and consumers are responding to content by corporates more than ever. Fortunately, there are many […]

9 Common Words to Avoid when Writing Marketing Copy

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You’re probably working on an advert or a marketing campaign and you’re at a point where you’re Googling “how to write write marketing copy”.  Marketing copy can be quite limiting in terms of word count. There is barely room to describe a product and give potential customers all the details they need to make a purchase. Marketers are expected to use as few words as possible to achieve as many […]

The Future of Digital Marketing; Could you be running out of time?

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It’s undebatable; Social Media has been a long-awaited miracle to business owners. A decade ago, running a business with a small marketing budget was a hopeless and unsettling process. People had to rely on tedious traditional marketing methods such as door to door sales. Anyone who started a B2B business at the onset of the 21st century will tell you how emotionally draining it was to move from one office […]

6 common mistakes companies make when generating web content

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1.Too personal We’ve all come across extremely personal content such as the one below; “It’s 10:00 pm. You’re headed home from a late night meeting. Everything seems calm and peaceful. The sky is clear with no shiny little stars above. You silently wish that all nights were this peaceful. You also think about your family. You can’t wait to get home and see them. Then BOOM! you hear a loud […]

Product Description: Beachfront 3 Bedroom Villa

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized Location This magnificent beach front house is located in Phuket Island in Thailand, just 3 kilometers from Patong beach. It is surrounded by a robust and lively town lined with massage parlors, bars, shopping centers, restaurants and every other necessary social amenity. The house is easily accessible and it is only a stone throw away from all the social amenities. General description The villa comprises of three bedroom fully […]

Why every kitchen must have a pumpkin

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Why every kitchen must have a pumpkin When I mention pumpkin, I know you are probably cringing. I am not about to produce a queer titled recipe such as, ‘pumpkin with goat eye served with cow hooves’. No, just relax. No one said healthy has to be yucky or weird. Healthy can be fun too. On a serious note though, pumpkins are some of the healthiest plants (am not sure […]

Bold colours, focused lighting main trends this year

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Like fashion, the interior décor and design world has trends that keep coming and going. So let’s revisit 2017 and establish which trends to expect, which ones to continue with, and which ones to let go. Mr Risley Nelson Kavu, an interior designer and the CEO of Castle and Gardens, predicts an exciting and luxurious 2018 for interior design lovers. With more people becoming more adventurous and receptive to new […]