Why every kitchen must have a pumpkin

Why every kitchen must have a pumpkin

When I mention pumpkin, I know you are probably cringing. I am not about to produce a queer titled recipe such as, ‘pumpkin with goat eye served with cow hooves’. No, just relax. No one said healthy has to be yucky or weird. Healthy can be fun too. On a serious note though, pumpkins are some of the healthiest plants (am not sure if the pumpkin family are fruits or veggies) I know. Below are some of health benefits that pumpkins provide:

Constipation relief

I am one of those people with extreme digestion problems. I constipate every now and then but pumpkins took care of this problem efficiently. Pumpkins contain a lot of insoluble fibers that are necessary in easing constipation or increasing metabolism. These fibers are especially good for young babies who are prone to constipation. If you are a mother and your young one has a difficult time having a bowel movement then try pumpkins.

Vision Enhancement


Just like carrots, pumpkins contain beta-carotene which is primordial in enhancing vision. Eye problems normally increase with old age. Rather than waiting to visit the doctor when old age sets in, it is better to increase your intake of pumpkins in order to avoid such problems altogether. Remember, your life style today affects your life when you are older.

Blood pressure

If you do not like garlic, which is the number one remedy for high blood pressure, then you are lucky. Pumpkins too do a good job when it comes to reducing high blood pressure. They contain potassium which helps in relieving hypertension rather than avoiding sodium intake. Which is easier, avoiding taking a certain mineral or taking another to achieve the same effect? Potassium is also important in preventing other diseases related to blood flow and health such as heart problems and stroke. Therefore, when you take pumpkins you are basically protecting your entire body from a lot worse diseases.

Also good for nursing and expectant mothers

Beta-carotene is highly important when consumed by nursing mothers or pregnant women because it boosts hormone production. Hormones on the other hand are necessary in ensuring the child is kept healthy during the entire nine months and during the breast feeding stage.

The heart and immune system

Pumpkin seeds are as important as the skin and inner content. Seeds contain several minerals and nutrients such as phytosterols which are necessary in reducing cholesterol that is harmful to your heart. In addition, a meal of pumpkin caters for most of our nutrient needs and therefore keeps the immune system in check
Clearly, if you only view pumpkins as handy decorative toys during Halloween you need to reconsider your priorities. A good Halloween can also be turned into health benefits that last a lifetime. Moreover, there are many ways to enjoy pumpkins without being disgusted. Personally I slice them into crescent shaped pieces and then boil them in water and I take them. Just like that. This may sound a little awkward but I like my pumpkins simple. This method is highly favorable for young children under the age of 1. For grownups however, there are countless ways to prepare your pumpkin without losing the nutrients. These include baked pumpkins, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie and incorporating them with other meals such as bread, bans or pancakes. You may also share your methods in the comment box for other readers. Also feel free to share your experiences with pumpkins and there seeds (whether good or bad)

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