Special Programs

Affiliate Marketing program

The Alys Creatives Affiliate Marketing Program was initiated to facilitate networking and partnership between Alys Creatives and relevant entities. Like in any other affiliate marketing program, anyone who brings a customer to Alys Creatives gets a share the proceeds.Sharing our profits with affiliate marketers is a show of appreciation of their efforts to help us grow. The affiliate marketers deal directly with Alys Creatives as no third parties are involved in the program. Note that, affiliate marketers who refer a high number of paying clients, will be listed as partners on our website.

How it works

This program is structured in three simple steps;

As an affiliate marketer, you will refer our services to potential clients. To understand out services, kindly visit the home page and go through ‘our services’ section. If the client orders for content and pays for it, then you earn as 3% commission of the proceeds.

For more details about the kind of services we offer and potential clients, please feel free to contact us via email or simply call us.

Who can join?

Initially, this program was created for web developers who often create websites for clients, leaving them to outsource for content on their own. Once a developer is done building a website, they can also perform a simple task of referring their clients to Alys Creatives.

This, however, does not mean the program is limited to web developers. Anyone who knows an individual, a business or a company that is need of content can join the program and earn from it.

What to do after joining

Once you’ve filled the form below, your next step should be broadcasting our services to as many people as possible. Once you land a willing customer, refer them to our website and also give them our contact information, which can be retrieved fro the bottom of this page. In addition, write to us via email, outlining the details of your referral. These details, include, their name, their contact information, their website and the nature of their business. This will help us keep a good record as well as follow up and ensure referrals turn into customers. Note that, not all referrals will end up hiring our services. Also others may take time before they make an order. This should however not discourage you from referring more people. The more referrals you have the higher your chances of earning a commission.


Payments shall be remitted instantly to the referrer’s account of choice once the referred client makes a down payment. Affiliate marketers are also advised to follow up on payments if not remitted in a timely manner.

Fill the form below to join;